Idea ID: 2788348

Vibe 4: Please fix a defect link behavior in html editor in workspaces and folders

Status : Delivered
over 5 years ago

in workspaces on pages written with the embedded HTML-Editor I have a problem with normal links which links to an anchor further down on the same page.
When you click on such a link the jump to that part is in fact executed but at once it jumps back automatically to that part of the page, where the link is.

This happen at least with Vibe 4.0 HP3, Vibe 4.0 HP4, Vibe 4.0.1 (even with the new java applets).

It seems to be a "defect" and a bug-no (# 985732) was set.

What worries me a bit is, that developers say that "They do not normally see someone writing up such a long folder description and adding page references."
But me and about 300 schools in southern Germany do too.
And at least with the html editor in a workspace or folder I can expect that it does elementary HTML. And I would like to decide how long my html text in a workspace is and not someone else ...

Now I hope very much, that the developers do accept this and above all repair this ...

If someone likes to try by himself:
- In a workspace click "Edit workspace".
- In the html editor click HTML to open a html source code window.
- Copy to this window something like:

This is a long text with a LINK TO NEW TOPIC furter down in this text. When clicked on this link the windows should scroll down to that NEW TOPIC.

Some text.

Some text.

... quite a lot of lines, so that later in the normal user view more than a window is filled.


Topic text

- Save
- Go to normal user view a click onto the link. Then you will see that the windows rolls down to the anchor and immediately rolls up again.
A second click then shows a normal behavior.