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Add field for vendor website hyperlink

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
It would be useful to add a "vendor website" field to each relevant ZAM record type (e.g. Catalog Product, Licensed Product) so ZAM admins can enter the direct URL to the licensing site for that vendor (e.g.

They can then easily connect to the vendors' sites to confirm their current license status when they are reviewing compliance in ZAM.

We currently store these URLs in a Product ADF, but this is rendered as plain text & I can't find a way to render as a hyperlink, so it takes several steps to select all, copy, open new browser tab, paste & go.

As ZCC renders many other items as hyperlinks (e.g. Managed Device name in the Workstations folder links to the Device record page) I'm guessing that this would be pretty easy to code into ZCC.


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