ZAV vs ThinApp

Just started playing with ZAV.. pretty sweet!! Curious though, what are the main differences between it and VMWare's ThinApp? Seem to both basically do the same type of thing.. must be a difference though ;)
  • Haven't played with ThinApp for a while but at the time the UI for ZAV was MUCH better. Xenocode/ZAV was also a LOT cheaper than ThinApp. ZAV was 1/3 the cost of ThinApp when I priced it out a couple of years ago. Basically both apps do esentially the same thing. ZAV had Windows 7 support long before ThinApp did.

    Things I liked better about ThinApp were:

    1) No juke boxing. ThinApp creates one big binary file with a bunch of .exe files that point to it. So with MS Office you'd have msoffice.bin and then winword.exe, excel.exe (all tiny) which would launch and grab what they need from the big bin file. Just easier to deal with conceptually.

    2) Auto updating of apps from a web server, although I'm pretty sure ZAV 8 can do that now as well.