Has anybody had any luck getting Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash
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  • I was able to virtualize all of these applications but acrobat. Due to the fact that acrobat puts the pdf writer on the machine, it does not work well as a virtualized app. How I virtualized them was I download the Adobe CS4 Deployment Toolkit and made "uberinstall" files for each application. I saved the files to an exteral hard drive where I had the source files loaded. I created a really stripped down version of WinXP on a machine (bare minimums) and loaded ZAV. I created an image of that so I could take the machine back to that image after I finished virtualizing an app. I would start ZAV and capture the before image, then run the "uberinstall" file for the app. After the "uberinstall" file ran, I would update the app and capture the difference and then build the app. I think I included flash and reader runtimes. I also included a java component on some but I don't remember which. Anyways I tested them on WinXP and Win7x64 and then worked. I loaded them up to ZCM and they seem to work really well from there. Let me know if you have any questions.