ZENworks 11.4.1 and imaging flag


We upgraded our servers to 11.4.1 and are slowly rolling out the 11.4.1 ZENworks adaptive agent to our fleet. They currently have 11.4.0. When we replace a failed hard drive in a computer (but keep the object in ZCC) and flag a computer for imaging, it images fine but the object still shows there is imaging work to do after it has been imaged. With older versions of ZEN the imaging flag would be cleared immediately after the computer was imaged, so we have not seen this behavior before 11.4.1. Also everything else seems to be working fine, we can remote control computers in ZCC, they have current contact dates so they are communicating with the object. The image safe data on the hard drive looks OK too. On computers were the hard drive has not been replaced and it has been imaged, the flag is cleared after the imaging work is complete. I didn't see any TID's or anyone talking about this so I just wanted to mention this in the forums. Maybe it is because not all of our devices are on 11.4.1 yet, but we did not seen this with previous upgrades.