Dell 3190 USB to LAN imaging issues

When imaging Dell Latitude 3190 laptops which do not have a NIC, a USB to LAN adapter must be used.  When some computers PXE boot, it shows the client MAC (which is really from the USB adapter), client IP and server IP.  It sends queries to the imaging server then it says Contacting ZENworks Preboot Policy Service ...Done.  Then immediately after we see PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE Boot.  See attachment.  It doesn't say no work to do, or loading grub.  We are using ZENworks 17.4 and this is the same behavior on Linux and WinPE imaging.  We have also seen the Microsoft Surface do the same thing which also requires a USB to LAN adapter.

In our case, some 3190's would image, others would not.  The problem follows the USB adapter, not the computer.  Then after a varying amount of time, whatever IP/MAC tied to an adapter will start working and allow a computer to image and another USB adapter with another  IP/MAC will stop working.  We have seen this across multiple locations using different imaging servers.  But in every case, 3 computers image fine and the rest do not.  So if we are trying to image 6 computers, 3 will work and the rest will not. Until some time passes and then after retrying imaging over and over again, the remaining 3 will finally be able to image.

I am told by the network admin that a switch that sees the same MAC/IP combination should not have a problem passing traffic to it.  It is when the MAC and IP keep changing that could cause problems.  But in this case, even moving the USB adapter from computer to computer, the same MAC/IP combination is retained.

The computers we are trying to image are new, out of the box so they do not have ZEN or any image safe data.

Has anyone had this problem before?