How to troubleshoot Firewall

Is there a protocol in the ZESM firewall about the blocked or allowed connections?

I am looking for a solution to a power saving mode problem. Network connections are no longer possible after exiting sleep mode, although the network card is active. Ping to known addresses is not possible. So I'm guessing that the security location is misjudged and the firewall is blocking connections. Unfortunately, the correct security location is indicated.

  • I presume you can ping OUT ok?  

    Do you have FW settings in some locations designed to block outgoing? 

    Normally FW settings do not block outgoing connections universally...

    Does the behavior mimic what you would expect in certain locations? 

    Does enabling/disabling your Wireless adapter fix the issue?  (This might giggle something if it did not kick in during wake)

    Does disabling the ZESM Firewall resolve the issue?


    If you are not on 2020.1, you may want to toss that in a lab.....even just a single VM running VM Workstation, to see if that behaves the same....there are always little fixes in newer versions....


  • Verified Answer

    I was able to find out that the problem is not the firewall, but a bug in the DELL docking station WD19.

    The logging of blocked packets is possible via the ZESM client:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\esm\zescommand.exe about

    Select "Diagnose" -> Protokollierung -> Blockierte Packete (German Agent).

    Use last logfile from Folder C:\ProgramData\Novell\ZES\Logs