Effect of enabling endpoint security management?

Currently on ZCM 2017 Update 4.  I'm looking into using endpoint security.   This page: https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2017-update-4/zen_quickstart/data/bopyms9.html says "In addition to the ZENworks Agent, the Endpoint Security Agent is installed on devices when ZENworks Endpoint Security Management is activated (full license or evaluation)."  How does that work?  If I activate ESM, will everyone immediately see additional components getting installed?  Or what exactly happens?  I would like to  apply this gradually without anyone being impacted in a big way.

And is there any benefit to waiting until ZCM 2020 to activate ESM?  Thanks!

  • Verified Answer

    One ZESM is Enabled and Licensed in the Zone.....An Extra Spoke/Feature for the agent should be listed under the "ZENworks Agent Settings" in the ZCC under configuration.  This spoke is called "Endpoint Security Management".   

    It will likely be configured to install by default, which will occur on next device refresh.  However, you can configure at the Zone, Device Folder, or Device level if this or any other spoke should be installed.

    I often recommend setting the reboot behavior to "Do not Reboot Device".  This will cause any spoke change to just happen in the background and the users will never notice anything.  It will simply not be fully functional until next reboot.

    Generally, the users will not notice anything different when it is installed until various ZESM policies are assigned and in place.

    (Note: See attached graphic)