Exporting a ZRS Report

over 13 years ago

Once you have created and tested your ZRS report, follow these steps to export your report in preparation for uploading it to the ZRS community site:

  1. On the ZRS server, create a shared folder to which you have administrator rights. This will be the destination for your exported report. In the export command below, this will be referred to as <share>.

  • In a command prompt on your ZRS server, run the following command (with all elements in a single command, no line break):

    zman rpgn <report name> <report path> WID WEBI UNMANAGED_DISK -f <path>\<share>\<file name> -u <local ID> -p <local PW>


    <report name> is the name of your report, in double-quotes

    <report path> is the path in your ZRS directory to your report, in double quotes

    <path> is the path to your share (see step #1 above)

    <share> is the name of your share

    <file name> is the file into which your exported report will be saved

    <local ID> is an local ID for the drive where your share exists

    <local PW> is the password for that local ID

    Note – if you have not cached your ZCM Zone username and password with the “zman asc” command, you will be prompted for them. Alternately, you may specify them as part of your command line by adding the -U and -P options.

    For example, take the case of the “Windows 7 System Readiness Report” in the screen below:

    For this example, the command would be as follows (again, one long command):

    zman rpgn “Windows 7 System Readiness Report” “Novell ZENworks Reports/Custom Reports”  WID WEBI UNMANAGED_DISK -f \\\d$\MyShare\Win-7-Ready -u admin -p pass

Uploading a Report to the ZRS Community

For information on how to upload your report to the ZRS Community, please refer to this link: http://www.novell.com/communities/node/1394/how-submit-content


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  • zman rpgn schedules a report to be written to an unmanaged disk. Since, the scheduler is running as a zenworks user (not root) you may not be able to write it to a location where only root has access to like the folder /. It's ok to write it to a folder on which you have access rights of of 777 so that the zenworks user can write the file there. Try running the script as follows, so that the file gets written to /tmp.

    zman rpgn "Lost Devices" "Novell ZENworks Reports/Custom Reports" WID WEBI UNMANAGED_DISK -f /tmp/LostDevices.wid

  • I've tried to export a report on linux. It seems that the export command runs successfully but I can not locate the report once it has been exported. I'm doing

    zman rpgn "Lost Devices" "Novell ZENworks Reports/Custom Reports" WID WEBI UNMANAGED_DISK -f /LostDevices.wid

    Unfortunately the report is not exported. Any help?
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