Need to reset ZPM Proxy configuration in ZCC?

over 11 years ago

Had an issue where my ZCC Configuration for Patch Management Proxy information in "HTTP Proxy Server Details" wouldn't clear.

  • ZCM Primary Servers - Windows 2003 Server

  • ZCM Database - Oracle 10g on a SUN system

Patchlink developer gave a series of commands that were keeping these settings alive.

  1. On the ZCM server running Patch Management open a DOS and run command;

    zac sp /clear

  • Go into %ZENWORKS_HOME%\cache\zmd\settings\PROXY_SETTING.xml,

    rename this file.

IF that doesn't clear the proxy settings -

  • Have Oracle DBA run commands;

    Delete from HTTPPROXY;


Proxy information for Patch Management in ZCC should be clear to put in new proxy information.


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