Zenworks Patch, Asset and Reporting Architecture


Hi fellows where can i find an architecture diagram and prerrequisites for these 3 components

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Asset Management
Configuration Management
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Patch Management
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  • Hello @, could Craig help you with the information provided? 

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  • I'm not exactly sure what you are asking but.....

    Here is an Inventory DB Structure Guide...


    It may be a little outdated by not sure too much.


    In General, I recommend building an AD HOC report with the desired data in the ZENworks Report Server.  These allow you to export the query used.  This gives you an idea how the data is stored in a much more direct way.

    For ZCC Reports to get the SQL....

    Component Name: Inventory/Asset Management Legacy Reporting

    Enable debug: go to
    %ZENWORKS_HOME%\share\tomcat\webapps\zenworks\WEB-INF\RtrletSetup.xml and change the LoggingLevel setting from INFOto DEBUG
    Note: zenserver service must be restarted to start the debugging.
    Log Location: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\logs\inventory-servlet.log
    Again the SQL will appear in the logs, so you can determine how to query the data.
    Again...Never WRITE back to the ZENworks DB but reporting against should not be an issue so long as you are careful that your reports are not too intense.


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