ZCM SqlServer database corruption


We are experiencing corruption errors in our SqlServer 2126 ZCM database. ZCM is version 17.3

The corruption happens, most of the time, on the zBundleStatus and zBundleStatusParams tables. These tables are very big: approx. 29 million records each table!

And this is an exmaple of such a corruption:

Table error: table 'zBundleStatus' (ID 492282833). Data row does not have a matching index row in the index 'PK__zBundleS__3373763663'. Possible missing or invalid keys for the index...

We resolve the corruption every time, with dcc checkdb, but after 1 or 2 days it happens again.

There are no errors in the system eventviewer of the SqlServer server. So a hardware I/O errors seems unlikely. The server is by the a virtual (VMWare) server. VMWare does not show errors for the sqlserver server.

Any ideas about the possible cause?






  • Possibly the clean commands and not fully cleaning the Corruption in the Automatically Generated Primary Key Index.

    I've never heard of that issue before in ZCM.....  Every Google Hit I get talk about it being an SQL side error, often hardware related.  Keep in Mind, though I run ZCM with MS_SQL on ESXi, I'm far from the world's leading expert in the other two areas.

    I would make sure to repair when offline and if that does not help....repair offline again but try bringing up the SQL Server online again on a different VMware host.  Keep in mind, If you have an actual MS_SQL DBA, his thoughts are likely better than mine.

  • Craig,


    I'm a MSSQL dba and have experience with fixing data corruption. And it's true: you would think it's hardware related but because there are no evident system errors we think the issue is caused by some other factor.

    And the repair we do is with the database in single user mode and with the zcm application stopped.