upgrade to 11.2 stuck at awaiting reboot

I have a single primary ZCM server running on Windows. It was at 11.1
and after running the 11.2 update, it requested a reboot. After
rebooting it appears that most of the update took, but looking at the
status of the server in the ZCM console it says it's "awaiting reboot"
I've rebooted the server numerous times, but the status never changes.
I've re-ran the update and it finishes successfully, requests a reboot,
I let it reboot, and then the status still says "awaiting reboot" One
other thing I'm wondering about is the manual agent download page at
/myserver/zenworks-setup/ still only has 11.1 agents available for
download. Are these supposed to be at 11.2 after the update? Any
hints out there?



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