Office 2013 and Roaming Profiles with Windows 7

Hello Everybody,

in my Company we have a strange problem since we upgraded from Office 2007 to Office 2013.
Our Environment is ZCM 11.4.3. All Desktops are Windows 7 Pro. We use Roaming Profile Policy with profiles saved in the users Home Directories, which are stored on OES2 SP3.
All works fine so far as it did for years. Only Problem ist Outlook 2013. When a user logs on to a different PC, Outlook 2013 cannot be started.
There is no possibility to manage Outlook profiles from Control panel.
We have to delete the local AND the Roaming profile of user and start over with fresh Default Roaming profile.
When the user again changes to another PC the same happens again and Outlook 2013 is dead.
We have tested again with old Office 2007, the problem does not happen with Outlook 2007! So it seems to be Office2013 related.
Dies anyone experienced the same problems and has found a solution. All my attempts in Office Forums or google searches did not help me.

Best regards