ZCM 2017 update 1 2 3 4 bug 1134324


i am in the process of upgrading to ZCM 2017. I have upgrade my appliance from 11.4.3 to 17.2.0.

It worked so far. Now in the Control Center i see my primary as ZCM . When looking for Systemupdates in Control Center i see all updates from 1 to 4 available. So far so good.

Now reading the documentation for upate 1 to 4 i see the following statement in all these docs (following copied from Readme update 4):

3.0 Planning to Deploy ZENworks 2017 Update 4
Use the following guidelines to plan for the deployment of ZENworks 2017 Update 4 in your Management Zone:
If you have applied the April 2019 Appliance Security Patches, before upgrading to ZENworks 2017 Update 4, you need to first apply the FTF that is available in bug 1134324.

7.12 Upgrade of a ZENworks 17.x appliance to a later version fails if the April 2019 Appliance Security Patches have been applied.

(Fixed in ZENworks 2020) If you have applied the April 2019 Appliance Security Patches and then you try to upgrade a ZENworks 17.x appliance to a later version, some of the symbolic links (symlinks) such as /opt/novell/zenworks/lib32 and /opt/novell/zenworks/lib64 are replaced by new folders and hence the update fails.

Workaround: Apply the FTF that is available in bug 1134324 and then run the update again.

My Problem:

I cannot determine if i have this April 2019 Upadtes installed, but as i have installed all avalaible Update on the appliance 2017 after migration and the appliance therefore went from version 17.0.0 to 17.2.0 i think these updates are installed now.

I cannot access the bugzilla report 1134324 (Link in documentation) because it says access denied, even when i am logged in with my Novell Customer Center Credentials. So it is impossible to get the FTF.

Does anyone had same problems or knows where to get this FTF?





  • Verified Answer

    Assuming you upgraded your appliance to ZCM 2017 in the last couple of months, then you do not have the bad patch.

    SUSE released a bad patch in April and pulled it shortly there after.  So unless your appliance was running ZCM 2017 in April, May, and perhaps June, there is no way you would have the bad patch.  I don't recall how long it took to pull but I believe it was less than a month.

    Since you are just doing this now, you can't have the bad patch..

    A better link is this....


    The Docs linked to a non-customer available link for some reason...


  • Hello Craig,

    thanks a lot for this information. It was exactly what i was looking for.

    Did a query for the RPM mentioned in the TID and did not found it. Good. At the Moment i am updating Zenworks from 2017 directly to 2017 Update 4.

    When finished i will report if all is well.


  • One more note I forgot to add, when the patch was "Pulled", any future "OS Patching" of the appliance would have removed the previously placed patch.  So the only appliances currently impacted would be ones were the OS was patched during a small Window in April/May and never having applied Appliance OS patches again after that point in time.