ZCM agent service changing UAC setting on startup.

Hi Folks..

I'm having an issue where on some of our Windows 7 and 10 workstations the agent service is setting the User Account Control setting back to default. By default on our base images we have UAC disabled under Windows7 and at the lowest setting under 10. This doesnt happen on all of our machines so Im sure its not some policy Ive pushed out. On the machines where it does happen I can trigger it by restarting the agent service every time.

Agent version is 17.2

Has anybody seen this in their environment?

My hairline thanks you for any help..
  • See - https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7017792

    Most Likely....The UAC settings were contrary to your 'default' when the ZCM Agent was installed.
    When the ZCM agent is 1st installed, it backs up the current GPO settings to the "OriginalCache" folder.

    When the GPOs are removed from the PC....These settings are then restored.

    Most likely the "OriginalCache" has non-preferred values and you do not have a policy assigned that sets the preferred setting.

    Try grabbing an "OriginalCache" folder from a machine w/o issues and copying to a problem machine and see if the issues clear up.

    Note: I would do "Win7 for Win7" or "Win10 for Win10" on the copies....