Well, as I got my hands over ZCM after a while, so, starting to create bundles. Tried to create bundle for Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Why I mention Adobe Reader? Well, not sure, but till then created for Flash – ok, Flash Plugin – ok, Skype – ok, Oracle Java (32/64) – ok, our Estonian ID card soft (also via msi) – ok, but ... failed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. About bundle. Nothing special. Uploaded msi, added parameters and ... fire! Nothing happen. Dug into logs and finally got some info (btw. – no error appear via ZCC, not associated with bundle neither with device) and ...
[DEBUG] [06/08/2015 16:19:05.929] [1064] [ZenworksWindowsService] [69] [] [ContentManager] [] [ContentManager: DistributeMultipleContent received exception during DistributeContent. There is an error in cached information for id 6ce313dd0fb94cc8bd31c8b58780f7c9 that is preventing content retrieval] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[DEBUG] [06/08/2015 16:19:05.929] [1064] [ZenworksWindowsService] [69] [] [DistributionHandler] [] [(Thread=69) Failed to distribute item: There is an error in cached information for id 69 The content is not yet available to download.] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
[DEBUG] [06/08/2015 16:19:05.929] [1064] [ZenworksWindowsService] [69] [] [ActionManager] [] [Action handler Distribute Action finished processing with error: ActionMan.CachedItemError.] [] [] [] [ZENworks Agent]
Odd is that exactly same bundle failing on another server (not connected to first one on which I testing). Well, not sure error is same, though. ("Exactly same" meaning I created it manually based on first one on another server.)
Cleared cache – same, restarted device – same.
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.