Tossing Packet: Not a PXE Packet

Anyone seen this message before?

Received packet on from relay agent
Tossing packet: Not a PXE packet

We have a location we are unable to image due to this message. Our network team is at a loss, as the requests are definitely coming from a PXE boot session. This environment is running ZEN 11.3.1. Other locations are able to image without problem, using other primary servers or satellites. This particular location images directly from the local Primary Server.


  • I Presume "from relay agent" is the IP Address of the Primary Server?
    Perhaps place a test device on the same physical subnet, to minimize VLAN/router oddity issues.
    If you setup a Sat Server for imaging and point to that....does that work? If so, there may be a corruption of the imaging files on the server.

    I really don't have any good ideas....just tossing out some things to test or try...........
  • The relay agent is our core switch. The server and workstations sit on separate VLANs.

    Unfortunately, this location is in another city and we have no IT staff on-site, so I haven't been able to try anything physically. Based on our network topology, putting a workstation on the same subnet as the server is not possible, but I could potentially place promote a device to be a satellite up there. All good suggestions, I just need to figure out what is possible based on our environment.
  • Maybe make 100% sure that the relay agent is actually relaying from where you THINK it is relaying.
    Maybe take a trace and examine the packets that are being rejected to see if anything is funny.
  • The people I have to coordinate with to troubleshoot issues!!!!!!

    We are going to perform a packet capture on Monday, once I get our network team and security on board. Don't want to set off any flags with our system monitoring.