Post zcm11.2 ->11.4.3 upgrade comm errors from Scantron dev

My environment is SLES11 SP3 with Windows 7 Pro clients.

I recently upgraded our system to zcm 11.4.3. It had been 11.2.x

Since that upgrade we are not able to use any of our Scantron devices. The system generates an error "USB comm error". I don't have a log file as it was apparently cleared. I will generate the error again and obtain the log file.

I don't see a connection between the USB hardware device and ZCM except regarding policies (for example to prevent using a USB thumb drive). There do not appear to be any such restrictions on the machine and user that is generating the errors.

After I remove the ZCM agent the Scantron device operates correctly.

My searches for anyone else with a problem with Scantron came up empty.