Zenworks bundle failure

I have created a bundle and it fails according to Zenworks; but, it actually works correctly.

I am trying to install Citrix WorkSpace Bundle 19.7.  I am getting an error message stating that: Installing Failure occurred,  

Then I see Retry Lauch error: Failed to Launch - Exit code 40008, please see the screen shot.

The problem is that I have to manually un-install, the program from Windows Control Panel - Programs section and then to to re-install the same bundle again and it is successfully installs from ZeneWorks. At first I thought it was a fluke type of thing; but, it does happen again but never on the same device twice.

I can provide the zmd-messages.log file if that will help.  What can I do to fix this package failure problem.



  • Add "40008" as a "Success" Return code in the "Launch Executable" action.

    Generally, any "Non-Zero" Value is considered an error code, but programmers are free to do as they wish

    Thus if a program uses a non-zero exit value for success, you can add it there so ZCM will now it was a success.

  • OK, I will try that out.

    In the bundle, under 'actions' - 'install' - There is a 'Launch Executable'.

    I entered 40008 in the 'success return code' field and saved the changes. I then saved/applied and published the changes  to the bundle.  I hope I can just re-apply the package from the Zenworks Application window and see if the error message foes away. 

    Meaning I do not have to un-install the package from Add remove programs and then try to re-send it as a fresh install.  We will see.


  • Getting a copy of "VMware Workstation" or something similar for lab purposes is quite useful for testing software deployments.  That way as you can have a machine in a given state and keep rolling back for testing.

    You definitely what to have at least 3 test scenarios...

    #1 - Software you are installing is NOT on the target machine.

    #2 - Old Version of the Software is on the target machine.  (If a user is online, you may need to prompt them to close running software.  %LOGONSERVER% variable existing can be used to check this.  Perhaps force close the apps after the user enters a prompt that is only set to run with a logged on user.)

    #3 - Software is already installed on the machine.  (Action level system requirements can be checked to see if the software is up to date and if so totally skip running.)

    Each scenario would need to be verified, though it's possible scenario #2 could never exist if the software is totally new to your environment, but even in that case #3 could still be a valid case.


  • Your suggestion worked!!

    I placed '40008' in the 'Success Return Code' field of the launch executable field under the actionas - install tab.

    I can now consistently install the program from zenworks.  Equally important I can more easily un-install the client from ZENworks without having to visit the machine.

    I am curious why ZENworks wanted to launch the program at all.  Why is that in there?  

    I put in command line parameters for a silent installation and to exclude the autoupdate feature: /silent /AutoUpdateCheck=manual  . Why and where did this 4008 come from?  Or is that a question for Citrix? 

  • Yes, it is more a Citrix Question.....

    It is an "Exit Code" the installer is generating upon exit.  Generally 0 means success and some none-zero is an error condition.  However, not all exit codes indicate an error or if an error not one to worry about.

    That setting lets you control what ZCM should or should not treat as an error.

  • For testing exit codes from programs you can make a simple batch file like this to see the actual exit code returned by a program.  Some but not all programs(usually installers) will also return an event with the exit code to the Application Event log .  I also have a small Powershell script if anyone wants it that returns the exit code and you provide the path of the executable as an parameter.  Helps when figuring out how to fill out the exit codes for the action.

    @echo off
    "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\DWG TrueView 2020\dwgviewr.exe"
    if errorlevel 1 (
    echo Exit Code is %errorlevel%
    exit /b %errorlevel%




  • Well, Citrix is not sure if this is an exit code related to their product.   They are researching further.

    I know that another employee that created the previous ZENworks bundle that worked successfully also had a launch executable Exit Code as well. A different code: 1603, please see the screen shot.

    My bundle's Exit code is 40008, for WorkSpace 19.7

    This exit code does not come up if I manually install the program from the command line.  Could this be specific to ZENWorks bundles?  

  • Exit 1603 generally just means error.

    You need to look at the installer logs to see what they mean.

    When testing bundles,  Turn off any and all automation switches initially.  That will often let the error go right to the screen instead of just logs.....And logs generated by the installer specifically.

    1603 is Windows installer specifically....


    You may want to add the "L" parameter and specify an easy location on the device to keep your install logs so you can see what the error was.....But reading logs is often much harder than turning off the silent switches. 

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