Primary Server(s) cleanup?

I have an older Primary server that keeps filling up the drive space. I created a Appliance based primary which has been running great. I have started to look at several posts and cleaned up a few areas that have helped a little. I am still seeing a large use of space that I am hoping someone has a good idea or resource to follow to help clean up unneeded files/items.

I looked at larger drive space items and found a few items I am unsure whether I can delete or not.
/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/ZENServer has three files, java_pid<4digitnumber>.hprof which is taking up 7.4 gig each. The Data Modified time is back in July and August. Are these needed or can I delete them without issue?

This particular server has been upgraded repeatedly with items still showing up from 11.4.0. I haven't been able to a script or utility that might help go through the system and remove older items that haven't been used for some time.

Any other items or processes I can run to help with the clean up process?