Corrupt User Profile blocking "Explorer.exe"?

I'm posting this because it *may* be ZCM related, I'm at a bit of a loss, to be honest.
We are running ZCM 11.3, With Win8.1 desktops (the problem occurs on Win7_SP1 as well). Novell Client 2SP3

We have a few thousand users, staff and students. So far, we have seen 2 students, and 1 staff member 'afflicted' by this.
-A brand new deployed image, user boots up on Campus, and logs in (creates the local user account using DLU)
-User can happily use the computer no problem.
-User reboots the computer and logs in 'Computer Only', and can access everything fine.

-User takes laptop home, and tries to login 'Computer Only', which is successful.
However, if they try and open 'Windows Explorer' (explorer.exe), or anything that uses Explorer (eg Control Panel) They get an error box (titled Explorer.EXE):
"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

No amount of rebooting changes this error condition. Even if I login Computer Only on Campus (using our LAN), the error persists.
All my research seems to say 'Corrupt User Profile, use a restore point, or recreate the user'. No help in saying 'how' it became corrupted.

** The strange thing is that if the user restarts the computer and logs into the network on our Campus LAN, it allows access to the 'Explorer.exe' and seems to 'repair' the issue, so a subsequent 'Computer Only' login works fine.

One odd thing is that we have 2 students who have been given *completely different devices*, (with different OS), clean built image, and the problem re-occurs as above.
If we login as a different (new) user on the device (DLU creates local account), it works as normal.

(It may be relevant that we have completely disabled the ESM component of ZCM, as it was triggering BSOD on devices (see my post in this forum). Whether that then causes other issues, I don't know.)

At this point I'm open to any ideas, suggestions?

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  • Sadly, this one has broken the back of ZCM.
    We endured a BSOD issue for over a year, no resolution, until ZCM 11.3.2 was released, identifying the cause of the BSOD. This blew any credibility of ZCM out of the water.
    An executive decision was made yesterday to completely remove ZCM from hundreds of our student laptops. ZCM is being blamed for this issue, and our troubleshooting has borne this out so far, even though we haven't identified the exact circumstances yet. After the BSOD debacle, ZCM being blamed is now the default setting.

    I am still trying to debug the issue, but only for my own satisfaction.

    All policies are disabled, if we login as a different user, no problem. I have found that the registry is somehow corrupt (if I recover a previous registry hive, the system works again). Our issue is, of course, that we are unable to replicate the circumstances where the issue is caused. We had hoped 11.3.2 Agent might solve the issue (as well as the BSOD), and it was all good, until the problem showed itself again.

    My frustration level is at an all time high, and sadly, my confidence is at an all time low.
  • This issue isn't ZESM related as pointed out. However, I'd like to find out more about this BSOD issue. If you're seeing a BSOD on 11.3.2 please open an incident and they'll route it to me/my team. These don't happen often and we take them very seriously, so please get me the BSOD details (maybe not on this forum, but through an SR or direct email).
  • The only other BSOD issue I'm aware of "recently" is . In this case, this is ISSUE addressed in

    Again, the explorer and registry issue listed with this defect has nothing to do with ZESM.