inventory peripheral devices


- have some new expensive document scaner here
- want to inventory these devices with zcm asset management


- the document scanner are just have an USB-Interface (no network connection)
- so we can't get them into the zcm database as an "standalone" object (discoverd network-device/inventory only device/managed device)
- if scanner is connected via usb, scanner weren't reported throug automated inventory scan of the workstation
- so we have to add them manually via "adding hardware" in inventory report


- manually added hardware is only assigned to the device (can't exists alone without the device)
- e. g. when the managed device (notebook with connected and manually added document scanner) will be deleted (because notebook will be scrapped) the inventory information about the assigned scanner will be lost
- or user with document scanner gets another pc, we have to readd all the "scanner-inventory-information" to the new computer again and again


- Is there another option to add a non-network-device to the inventory-database? So that (for example the scanner) can exists in the database without a managed/inventoried computer?
- Or can we assign a peripheral device with some manually recorded information like (Asset Tag, Serial Number, Modell, Manufacturer, etc.) directly to a user, not to a computer?

Thanks for help...