ZEN 2017 Update 1 Linux to WinPE Imaging

We are using Linux to image our computers using a Preboot bundle with an imaging script. Since Linix does not support newer models especially in UEFI mode, it looks like WinPE may be the way to go. We are on 2017 Update 1. There are three parts to our image: the Windows 10 image, an add-on with software like antivirus and ZENworks, and a driver add-on with drivers specific to that model. So the imaging script determines the model of computer and applies the Windows 10 image, add-on then the model specific driver add-on. When looking through the WinPE documentation, it says how to upload third party imaging support files (winpe.wim and imageX) to ZCC and how to make and restore an image. But it looks like our imaging process is more complicated than that. We support many different models, so that is why we keep the Windows 10 image as generic as possible then apply a specific driver pack and do further configuration during the sysprep process. So my question is does anyone use WinPE like we use Linix imaging and can give me advice on how to get started using WinPE?