ZENworks Agent report doesn't agree with reality

{First of all I am not sure if this should be posted in this forum or the Reporting - BOE or Inventory forums. I am running the ZCM 11.4.3 appliance with 11.4.3 agents installed on WS. Let me know if I should put this in a different forum.)

I have updated most of the agents in our office to the 11.4.3 version and wrote a custom report in the ZCC - Reports - Inventory custom reports location that basically reports any WS where the ZENworks Adaptive Agent Product Version is not = I get some results which show that these WS have, say, the agent. However, if I go to that WS in the ZCC and open its properties, it shows that it DOES have the agent installed.

Following Craig's advice from another thread I created a bundle that deletes the .XML files in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\work\inventory directory on the WS, then I run "zac inv -f scannow", wait until it's done then run "zac sts rollup", wait until it's done then run a "zac refresh". This doesn't always seem to push the new inventory up to the single primary server appliance right away, even if I wait 20 or 30 seconds before I run the "zac refresh". I can monitor the /var/opt/novell/zenworks/collection/inventory directory on the server and don't see the file being pushed up. If I go to the WS and locally do a zac refresh from the icon in the system tray, it seems to push up the inventory. Why won't the bundle do that?

One WS that I forced a new inventory run on last week and this week when I run the above report, I STILL see that the report says the WS has the 11.4.2 agent while the ZCC properties for the WS shows it has the 11.4.3 agent! Why is that? I have inventory scans set to run every day.

How long after the inventory file is sent up to the appliance should that data appear in a custom report?

On the server under the /var/opt/novell/zenworks/collection/inventory there are 3 directories: success, failure and waiting. The docs talk about the success and failure directories but don't mention anything about the waiting directory. What is it for?

BTW, I show only 2 xml files in the 'waiting' dir, both with multiple tildes after them, like:
1491333774-ca45c5aa269b13fccab6c4472dc6035a-0-017-delta~1~1~1~1~1~1~1.xml and have timestamps of before today.
I have 2 files in the 'failure' subdir and all the rest are in the 'success' subdir.

For the one WS I mention above, if I look on the server in the .../inventory/success dir, I see 3 files with today's timestamp that have that WS name in them. The latest with a timestamp of a couple hours ago so that data on the server is current.

  • As to the first point regarding forums, definitely not the BOE forum as, once you moved beyond ZCM 11.2.x BOE is out of the picture. As for inventory, I think you've done a great deal of diligence around an issue with inventory and look forward to Support and Engineering taking this up for a resolution. Having worked with the inventory technology literally since its birth, it should do better and it shouldn't be this hard.

    From a reporting perspective with Jaspersoft, when I'm reporting on agent versions, I usually use ZENworks System > Managed Device Status > ZENworks Agent Version. This data comes directly from the agent itself, before inventory even takes place. If the agent is talking to the ZENworks infrastructure, then this data is updated. Naturally, if you're looking for agent version and other inventory data, you'll want to go the inventory route for the agent data so that the internal links will be in place for all the inventory data.
  • Bruce, thanks for the reply. I know I'm going to be embarrassed when I hear the answer but I can't find a report or any other part of the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC)that starts with ZENworks System (ZENworks System > Managed Device Status > ZENworks Agent Version). Where do I find this in the ZCC?

    Also, how do I know that this report or this data comes directly from the agent itself and not from the collected inventory?


  • You won't find that attribute in the ZCC reporting; reporting there hasn't been upgraded very much since it was pulled into the product after the Tally Systems acquisition a number of years ago. The ZENworks Agent Version attribute is only available through ZENworks Reporting Server.
  • To get accurate zen agent version of your workstation is to go to Devices->Workstations->Advanced Search and set Device Agent version equal to whatever you are looking for.

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  • Also an excellent source for this information, though when I'm looking for a report listing all versions together with some kind of a breakdown, the query is less effective. If you're looking for an actionable list of devices that have an agent version <> a particular value, then the query route is very useful.
  • Thanks, Thomas. I did that and even created a dynamic group to show me all the WS that weren't at the ZCM agent level I wanted but that doesn't allow me to customize the results to show what room the WS is in, who is the primary user, what WS model it is, etc. Why is this more accurate than doing a report from the 'Reports' link in ZCC? Wouldn't all the info be coming from the same place?

  • Having that attribute in the "Reports" area of the ZCC would be useful. However, as noted earlier in this thread, the ZENworks Agent data is only available through ZENworks Reporting Server, not the ZCC. There was a plan to replace all reporting through the ZCC with ZENworks Reporting Server; not sure where that plan lies at present. Also, the ZENworks Agent version data is actually not generated through inventory; it comes directly from the agent itself when it hand-shakes with the ZENworks infrastructure. Everything under the "Reports" area is generated via the inventory engine.