Partition size given is too large...

Running ZENworks 11.1a, SLES 11

A few weeks ago I created a Win 7 Pro image, from an HP OEM syspreped laptop, ProBook 4530s. It worked fine on the three laptops I imaged the next day, but now the image won't take. I get the following error when imaging: "partition size given is too large (not enough space on the drive)." It created a 297 Mb partition and a 3XXGb partition. I tried erasing all partitions with ZENworks, same problem. I also tried making a single large partition, activating and assigning it; the image took, but the system rebooted with a can't find winload.exe error, (working from memory). Is there something I need to do with ImageExplorer?

The OEM setup has 4 partitions on a 360Gb drive. No, I don't have a Win7 disk, can't get my boss to buy even a few vol. licenses we currently need.


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