SLES to Windows transfer


Has anyone manged to complete a SLES based ZCM 11 to Windows ZCM 11 transfer?

Our main Primary with the certificate on is a SLES 11 box but we need to migrate to Windows; can you just add a Windows server to the same zone and then move the certificate across using the ZMAN tools? Or is it more complicated than that? We have to remove SLES from our portfolio ASAP.

Novell's advice seems to be mixed as to whether it is supported or not.



  • #1 - Do the process in a lab 1st. If you don't have one....make one...could be as simple as VMware Workstation on 1 PC with a couple of VMs......
    #2 - The 1st Server must stay up for quite a few days after the 2nd server is installed. Long enough to ensure All (or at least nearly all) devices have contacted ZCM to learn of the new server...any who not will need to be re-registered.
    #3 - Power Down 1st Server Before totally removing to make sure all is working. Create an "Auth Satellite" with the 1st server off to ensure the CA role has been moved properly. This will fail if it has not. Failure to move the CA role will not have
    obvious signs of failure outside of adding new Primaries or Auth Satellites so it is important to verify prior to fully getting rid of the 1st server.

    Note: When the CA is MOVED from Server1 to Server2....All Existing and even NEW certs will still say issued by "SERVER1". This is normal because that is the name of the "CA" not the name of the physical server that issued them. Just so happens ZCM names the CA the same name as the server it was installed on originally. DO NOT attempt to fix this....Changing the CA Certs is not a small thing and beyond dangerous.

    Yes it is possible...........
    Yes the advice/docs are mixed, but it is not hard.

    Basic Process is here...

    Yes, it says - "NOTE:This scenario is not supported on Windows to Linux and vice-versa platform combinations." but that is not really true.
    That statement is more for the "Hardware Replacement" model vs Adding 2nd server to zone then later removing the 1st.

    Step#8 will be a bit tricky for moving the CA, since the steps given will not result in a needed config file from being updated with a corrected path.
    This can be done manually or different supported ways of moving the CA would avoid the config file issue completely.

    Make sure to backup the CA before hand...........

    This method of moving the CA should work across Linux to Windows...

    Still do a backup 1st just in case.
  • Thanks Craig, I'll take a look at that. Just whizzing up a lab now to give it a go.