zman bsrt how to find settings (i.e. Primary Server Replicat

I'm trying to write a bash script to set the primary server and satellite server replication settings to the parent folder.

The command is zman bsrt, but I can't identify the setting parameter correctly to execute the command.

Anyone know what it is or how to find out?

I exported the bundle settings, but I'm not having any luck identifying these settings from the xml file.


  • Ron, the only arguments to the bsrt are the bundle path and the settings names. If the settings name is the parameter you are talking about, then you could try specifying the following setting names:

    I am not totally sure if both these are necessary, but I guess they are. One of them relates to the option of replicating to new servers and the other has the servers list. You could try them out on a test bundle. Let me know if you have any questions.

    - Ananth