Agent update schedules current version agents for update?

I decided to deploy out a Agent update (System Updates) to all my end devices. I figured it would only be existing devices that would get the update set. What I am seeing is that existing current 11.4.2 agents area also scheduled to be updated. I can check the agent both via the ZCC as well as the ZAA and both will indicate that the agent is at the latest version. Yet they will still have posted the Agent Update is also scheduled. In several cases the agent never start the update process or moves over to and Updated status. I can run the following script/process and in most cases get the agents to move to either updated or at least start the process of updating.

zenupdater.exe -v -c "C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\logs\system-update\5011040200fc50000000002016051914\update_commands.xml"
zac sts rollup
zac ref general bypasscache

I have several cases which even a unreg / reg of the device will not show a status of updated.

The agents seem to be running properly and no other issues other then my remaining devices needing updated isn't accurate.

Is this normal behavior? Is there a better method of installing/updating the agents that will keep the Agent up to date without the false negative?