ZCM 10.0.3 Adaptive Agent Deployment

Hi All,

I am running W2K3 and XP VMs on a notebook running VIsta as a test setup. With this setup I am attempting to deploy the adaptive agent from the W2K3 server to the XP client as a test.

I believe that I have all the steps outlined that should make deployment possible as I followed the documentation, but it is still resulting in error on the client-side. The agent status results in "Error" after a certain period of time after the Deplyment task has been completed.

I have created a registration key to add to the deployment task as well, but even after doing so, the deployment still results in error.

Deployment to the server VM itself works, but not to the client VM. I have attempted to deploy to both machines simultaneously with the same automated deployment task, as well as seperately, thus far always resulting in error.

I have also attempted to deploy the client to my vista notebook from a test server running ZCM 10.0.3, with the automated task also resulting in error.

Additionally, I have attempted to install the agent manually from the client VM using the web interface. This exercise proved unsuccessful even by being logged in as an Administrator, as running the installer as a non-admin user results in Error Code 1.

Rejoining the client VM to AD on the server VM did not resolve the issue either.

I have to add that the client is joined and correctly logged into the created domain. The XP client does appear in AD, and ping tests between it and the server are successful.

I have checked the EventViewer on the server for clues, but did not find anything unusual. The “Novell Zenworks Adaptive Agent Service” is running on the client although the Adaptive Agent is not installed.

If anybody is able to give me some tips, or advice It will greatly be appreciated.