10.1.3 Update Issue

Has anyone had this problem....

Successfully deploying 10.1.3 to most machines....I have a couple of machines that get the update but then put themselves back in the list awaiting the update.

Any clues? Most of the time I have to completely remove the agent after unregistering and clear ISD before I can re-deploy to machine to get it out of the update list.

Hope this makes sense.

  • 520 machines. About 20 didn't upgrade to 10.1.3 correctly. It looks as if the users rebooted while the update was occurring per the logs. some of the machines fixed if I simply redeployed the update or the agent, but about 20 haven't.

    It looks like these will have to have ZCM 10.1.3 removed and then reinstalled.

    Apparently this can be prevented by modifying the registry. Before the install, set
    Explorer NoClose to 1

    Then after the agent finishes deploying set it to what it was before. If it was already 1, leave it 1, otherwise delete the value.