Howto Migrate Servers including UserSource to new AD Domain


We are going to create a new AD domain in the same Forest, and need to migrate everything to i, including the zcm servers.
First the users/groups and workstationobjects, and later the serverobjects.
And ofcource the User source. Iegh.

I couldn't found anything about this, so my question is as follow:
- Is it possible to preserve the usersource assigments while moving the usersource from domainA to DomainB
- Does ZCM work as a disjoined namespace into the new enviroinment.
It means that the server dns suffix will not change when the domain membership changed. So it will still use the dns suffix from the old domain. But hopefully can still work until i definitly create the primary servers.

I hope someone can give me some advice in this case.

Kind regards,