Systems not listed until they are rebooted

Hi all,

We are installing the inventory-only module/agent (10.3.0) on SLED 10/11 and SLES 10/11 systems. The installation is easy but the systems don't seem to show up in the Inventoried device list until they are rebooted although the installation instructions don't mention this.

I have restarted the zenumia service but this didn't help. I have waited 24 hours or more but this also didn't help.

I'd rather not have to reboot the systems to get them to show up. Is there some other service/daemon that needs to be restarted to get them to show up?


  • So, no one else has this issue? Is it normal and not really an issue? Any info or incite would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • With Novell's help, we figured it out.

    It turned out to be proxy settings. zenumia uses the system proxy settings. We had to add an exception for the ZCM server we were pointing the inventory agent to. We already had an exception for our internal domain name but zenumia likes to use IP addresses. Adding an IP address range doesn't seem to be possible in SLE 10.x but it is in SLE 11. Anyway, once the exception was added, the agent was able to upload its data and register itself.

    What was confusing the issue was that it seems that during a reboot, zenumia was able to contact the server. This wasn't explained well by Novell but it was most likely because the system proxy settings weren't being used early in the boot process when zenuima started.

    Another thing I noticed was that the agent tries to use all bound IP addresses of all of the ZCM servers specifed in the inventory only collection servers list to upload its data to. In our case, some of those have iSCSI connections. The agent grabbed all of their IP addresses and tried one IP after another until it was successful, even the iSCSI addresses.