Remote control policy not applying.

I have recently (in the last week or so) started seeing most if not all of my machines start prompting for permission during a remote control attempt.

After doing some trouble shooting what I have tracked down is the default policy is applying to the devices rather than the policy that I created that allows remote control with no prompt.

These are the things that I have attempted so far without any succesfull results.

Cleared the cache and used the zac command to re apply all policies. When I do a list policies with the zac command it lists none.

I have re-created the policy and applied it to the devices.

I have tried applying the policy to a specific device instead of a container.

I a look at the device in the console i shows the policy and that it is effective but when I go to the agent on that device it shows that the default is applied.

Anyone have any ideas?? This is going to become a huge problem for our helpdesk if I cannot get this figured out.

Thanks in advance.

  • Just one addictional thought, is there a way that I can edit the default policy to disable the password propmpt. That would achieve the result I am looking for as we add devices to another policy when they need access restricted and should prompt for permission.

  • I made an additional change to my policy and was able to get it to apply. By adding my domain users to the policy it took affect. Not sure why this was working in the past and not working now. One other thing that I noticed is that when the agent is initially installed I can remote the machine but on addtional reboots the defaut policy changes from allowing remote control without permission to prompting for it. The only thing on my servers that has changed recently was the Jan PRU. Could this update have changed this??

  • Well I spoke too soon, I was able to get the policy to apply but after a reboot it went back to the original state. What I did find is that the user logging into the machine is not getting logged into the zone on the agent. If I manually log into the agent then do a refresh it applies the policy. I know that many of my machines were not logging into the zone in the past but the remote control policy was working correctly. Has anyone had any problems like this since applying the Jan PRU. I am starting to think that the update may have broken something on my servers. There have not been any recent changes made except the Jan update.


  • Back at this again this morning and here are a couple of other things that I have found. So this is starting to make a little more sense to me, the policy that I am able to apply is doing so as a user assigned policy rather than a device assigned. That would be why it only works when the agent logs into the realm. So I have a couple of issues going on here. Number one is why the machines stopped applying the policy by device assignment which was working up until I applied the JAN PRU. Number two is why my agents are not auto logging into the realm, I can manually log them in so I know that they are able to log in.

    Anyone have some input here, I have run out of ideas.

  • The final solution to this issue was restarting the services on the the server. I had just rebooted the server during a maintenence downtime a couple of days before this started and they all appeared to be up and running correctly. After doing the restart on all of the services my policies started applying correctly again. Go figure........