ZCM10 System Update 10.3.3 and PRU Download Stalled?

I started downloading the 10.3.3 and PRU update, and they've been "downloading" for several hours now. Are the files that large? Is this normal? We had a 3rd party do the initial install and setup, so this is my first time with system updates. It's just one SLES 11 as the primary server and 2 Win XP Pro SP3 satellite servers. My PC is also Windows XP.

Also, there was a problem where the server wasn't caching content. The "queue" or some such was "jammed" and consequently backed up. We had an expert come out and fix it and a few other things; a DNS issue, remote management rights/UTC time sync error and something on a Netware 6.5 server. He was here the day the 10.3.3 patch came out, so we weren't aware of the update for him to do while he was here.