ZCM 2017 Built-in MDM - Removing Apps/Bundles

Okay, I read the documentation, and oddly enough, I'm not sure about this.  If I have a bundle/bundle group associated with an iOS app, and the app is in turn installed by ZENworks built-in MDM, if I remove the ipad Device relationship with the bundle, will that automatically uninstall the iOS app as well?  The documentation seems to point to this being the case, but I am unsure.  As well, I've never uninstalled apps, only added apps, so I would be curious to know if this works.  Thanks in advance.

On a side note, what has everyone's Milage been with iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 , and the build in iOS control policy?  Can you get policy options like Remove the app store, don't allow access to safari, remove multiplayer gaming etc, has this worked for any of you on iOS 14 , and iPad OS 14 , so far, unless it magically applies today, I have been unable to get this to work, on ZCM  I'd love to know all of your mileage.