Schedule DAU Bundles -- Install vs Distribution schedule

I have ZENworks 11 SP1a installed on a SLES 11 SP1 server. (We use it for Windows clients, so I picked this forum, but let me know if I should post this to the Linux forum.)

The documentation for 11 SP1 Patch Management Reference (sec 3.2) describes going into Configuration, Patch Management to display 8 links, and clicking on the "Schedule Discover Applicable Updates Bundles" link to configure that.

I have not 1 but 2 separate links for that:

Schedule Discover Applicable Updates Bundles Install (which allows "Run DAU on refresh", or set up a schedule)
Schedule Discover Applicable Updates Bundles Distribution (which allows "Distribute DAU on Launch", or set up a schedule)

What I want is to have our PCs scan for applicable patches early in the morning (like 2-5 AM), so that I can check during the day and schedule patches for afternoon or evening installation. I can't figure out what the different purposes are for the 2 separate links (I'm in general still figuring out the new way of thinking in ZCM as opposed to ZENworks 7), so I'm not sure how to set up the 2 schedules, one for "install" and one for "distribution" of the DAU update bundles.

Can you clarify this, or point me to some other documentation that explains it?

Thank you.
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