Addon Images - File Sets

Here is an example of a driver addon for BIOS an UEFI

img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10B_CARBON_5TH
img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10U_CARBON_5TH

The only thin I can find that says anything about imaging file sets is in parenthesis below

You can represent a file set in long or short forms. For example, file set 1 can be represented as follows:

Long form: -set=1

Short form: -s:1

So I created one addon with partition 2 being utilized for BIOS and partition 4 for UEFI and set the exclude file sets in the addon. Problem is when I run the imaging command it does not know anything about -s:1 or -set=1

img -rl -s:1 /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10_CARBON_5TH

also tried

img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10_CARBON_5TH -s:1

So bassically these are not commands that are passible to the linux environment. Is it possible to call an addon from command line? I know how to do it within the GUI of just img.
  • Mark7508,

    file sets are marked by opening the zmg in Image Explorer, and manually
    marking which set each file should be considered part of. What I think
    you're trying to do is to only restore one of the two partitions -
    you're looking for the -ap=partition:partition option
    for example. And you're using "rl" - are you restoring from a local


    Shaun Pond
    in my "day job" I work for ENGL; our aim is to make Windows deployment

  • We PXE boot but always use -rl never -rp even though we do pull remotely (the /mnt/imgzen/ is a mounted netshare). I do this to avoid any complications which we have had in the past. Never changed it back because there was never a need to. Images just as fast and if the pbserve service is acting up (which is what happened in the past tell us some licensing issue) it wont matter since we no longer use it. One less thing to go wrong :)

    Well no actually, I and looking to restore file sets. Set 2 exclusion will actually restore files on the fourth partition and Set 1 will only restore files on the 2nd partition. Exact same files on each partition. I already made the image using image explorer like i always do. Just trying to use file sets to cut in half how many I have to make.

    I am looking to restore by file set exclutions. Your method will work for this instance, but not when I need to do exclusions from the same partition.

    Basically I just wanted to know how to restore Addon images using file set exclusions from command line. I do not even know if our techs even know how to use the GUI any more. Much less how to find the image even if they did.
  • Here is the help from "img -help -restore"

    img -r[estore] -local <filepath> [-P|-part=<pNumber>] [-s=<set>]
    [-ap=<advanced options>...]

    and tried

    "img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10_CARBON_5TH.zmg -s=1"

    and I get an "illegal arguments given on the command line" but if i do this it works "img -rl /mnt/imgzen/drivers/10_CARBON_5TH.zmg"
  • well I am going to use it your way and ill just have a ton of partitions stored in the addon file and call each set that way without using sets file will be huge as I duplicate the same files in each with only a few changes but it will work. Thx
  • Mark7508,

    try -set=1 - that seems to work for me. If you get good results, I'll
    put in a document report...


    Shaun Pond
    in my "day job" I work for ENGL; our aim is to make Windows deployment