PXE Legacy mirror to EFI

I have a good, working legacy PXE boot and menu...how do I replicate it to a UEFI boot? Seems like there must be a way to effectively clone my PXE boot menu to the EFI PXE boot menu?


  • I thought I could simply copy %zenworks_home%\share\tftp\pxemenu.txt (etc) to %zenworks_home%\share\tftp\efi\x86_64\*...but that is apparently too logical
  • bkeadle;2495053 wrote:
    I thought I could simply copy %zenworks_home%\share\tftp\pxemenu.txt (etc) to %zenworks_home%\share\tftp\efi\x86_64\*...but that is apparently too logical

    See if this thread helps....


    The UEFI boot will be using a different CFG file than your BIOS boot.....Make sure to update that to point to your Menu.
  • No, that thread isn't helpful.

    I have a working menu. pxemenu.txt in the ..\tftp folder. I get this menu

    I copied that to ..\tftp\efi\x86_64, and I get this menu: I get this menu
  • Breakthrough. I see the syntax of the pxemenu.txt is different for the environments. Here's a snippet of my .\tftp\pxemenu.txt:

    MenuTitle = Zenworks Imaging
    option = execute ; "Manual" ; "Manual Imaging (z_maint.cfg)" ;
    pxelinux.0 ; z_maint.cfg
    option = execute ; "Active Backup Restore" ; "Synology Active Backup Bare-Metal restore (synoresc_iso.cfg)" ;
    pxelinux.0 ; synoresc_iso.cfg
    option = execute ; "HTTP Options" ; "" ;
    lpxelinux.0 ; default

    and this is the syntax in .\tftp\efi\x86_64\pxemenu.txt:

    option = "execute;Manual;Manual Imaging;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/z_maint.conf"
    option = "execute;Active Backup Restore;Synology Active Backup Bare-Metal restore (synoresc_iso.cfg);efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/synoresc_iso.conf"
    option = "execute;HTTP Options;HTTP ISO Boot;efi/x86_64/bootx64.efi;efi/x86_64/lpxelinux.conf""

    Now to figure out how to get the 2nd, 3rd options to boot.

    These work under legacy PXE:

    The 2nd option is using memdisk to load an ISO (via TFTP)

    DEFAULT iso
    LABEL iso
    kernel boot/memdisk
    append iso initrd=iso/synoresc.iso raw

    The 3rd option is using lpxelinux.0 to loan an ISO (via HTTP)

    DEFAULT iso
    LABEL iso
    kernel raw
    append iso raw

    Any idea what those conf files would look like?