DB migration on appliance

I have a ZCM 2017 Update 4 appliance.  I assume the DB migration steps apply to appliances also.  So I am planning the DB migration, but the docs are a little lacking in information.  The appliance migration docs here https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2020/zen_upgrade/data/brivl5j.html point to these docs for the db migration: https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2020/zen_sybase_postgre_migration/data/zen_sybase_postgre_migration.html

But the db migration docs don't provide any specific info regarding appliances.

1. Does the migration tool install the PostgreSQL db?  (I assume not)

2. If not, which version of PostgreSQL should be installed on a 2017 appliance?  (The docs offer three versions with no direction as to which one is applicable for the appliance.)


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  • Thanks Craig!  Unless I am somehow missing it (and I read that page multiple times), I don't see anywhere on that page that it states that the migration tool will install the embedded PostgreSQL.  That is why I was confused about it.  Thanks for clarifying it!

  • Hello,

    I want to go one step further.

    I want to move the embedded postgresql db from 1 primary 2020 server to an appliance 2020 server as also an embedded postgresql db. The reason is to remove the old SLES 11 primary server.

    the db migration tool 3.0 dont support this?

    Is there any documentation to do this?

    Have I  go to backup and restore the db?  If yes, is the db engine installed on the second primary appliance?

    A external postgresql db is not an option for small environments.

    Thanks for any documents for this migration path.



  • The best I can recommend is open an SR and have an engineer work with you.

    I know at least one person who has assisted in this process.

    Yes...the Docs in this area are incomplete at this point in time.  Requests for updates are pending to help flush out the doc.

  • And FYI......

    Getting this Fixed/Updated in the Docs is a priority.

    It was already a work in progress and was supposed to have updated details with the release of 2020.1, but some additional tweaks were needed on the docs based upon internal testing so they need to run through processes again.....

    Sounds like you did open an SR and your engineer is looped in with the folks finalizing the doc.

  • That´s right.

    I have opend a SR call 101299656221.