Upgrade path from ZCM2017U4 under SLES11SSP4 to ZCM2020 under SLES12 / 15

Is there a known upgrade path under the above mentioned rest?

Background: Both update documents state:

"If ZENworks is already installed on the system, do not perform a major in-place upgrade of the operating system (for example, from SLES 11 SP4 to SLES 12) as this might cause issues and the Primary Servers might have to be replaced."

So where is a way upgrade the operating system before or after upgrading ZENworks?

  • Verified Answer

    Replacing an Existing Primary Server with a New Primary Server.


    The process is basically a Hardware Swap with the "New Hardware" having the New OS.

    The New OS just needs to be installed with the same paths, so that all the existing CONFIG files are still valid.  You would never want to do this to switch between Linux and Windows for example, since the ZCM configuration is backed up off the 1st server and laid back down onto the new box.

    The Other Similar Option is to Install a 2nd Server, Transfer the Roles, and then Retire the 1st server but most folks likely doe the first method in this case.

  • Note:  The reason they do not suggest upgrading Linux, is that it is quite common for the OS Upgrade to impact other running services such as ZCM and it will require some work to go back in and fix stuff.  So the recommendation is quite strong there.

    On Windows, it is still not officially tested but the odds of any impact upon ZENworks itself is small.  The primary suggestion would be to disable the ZCM Credential Provider in the Registry and/or the User Spoke on the agent for the server.  The reason is that for Win7 to Win10 and the similar class Windows OS, the ZCM credential provider breaks as part of the upgrade and needs to be reinstalled or Windows logons will hang.  Win10 to Win10 class OS upgrades do not have that issue of logon hangs.  However, there is still the risk of the OS upgrade going terribly wrong from an OS perspective.

  • Hi Craig,
    that's the only way I found, but "Hope is the last to die"
    Thanks! Now I am sure this is the only solution.
    By the way should I go to SLES12 or to SLES15?
  • I will leave that to others.  From a ZCM perspective it should not matter.

  • SLES 15 is not supported on 17.4, so you would need to wait until ZENworks was at 2020 to make a move to SLES 15.

  • Thanks for Catch.....Yup support is new to 2020.

  • oh, oh, oh

    So the "official" way from ZCM2017/SLES11 to ZCM2020/SLES15 is

    • replace SLES11 (end of life Mar 2019) with SLES12 keep ZCM2017
      "Ensure that the ZENworks 2017 version on the new server is the same as that of the existing Primary Server"
    • upgrade from ZCM2017 to ZCM2020 on SLES12
    • replace SLES12 with SLES15 keep ZCM2020

    Three not simple processes. Really fast an user friendly.

    But of course that's not your fault!

  • That is one of the advantages of the "Appliance".  The OS and the "ZENworks Install" are on separate disks.  When you go to upgrade, simply spin up a new appliance and move the data disk over.

  • Yes. Thanks for the hint! . but we are using "paedML-Novell" (see
    https://www.lmz-bw.de/netzwerkloesung/produkte-paedml/paedml-novell/ sorry
    only German). On the ZENworks server we have got a small PHP-application
    communicating with an OES-Server / eDirectory for classroom management
    (printer-, internet access, .).

    I assume, that it would not make much sense to modify an appliance?

    By the way: Is there a document how to migrate from conventional server to

  • #1 - One cannot install/add ANYTHING to an appliance that does not ship with it out of the box.  The adding of any additional RPMs is prohibited.

    #2  -  In regards to moving from a physical server to an appliance, I would recommend opening an SR and discussing the details.  In short, what you will do is install the Appliance to your Zone and then migrate an required services from your original server to the appliance.  If you have an External DB, then it is much easier.  The docs may or may not exist for migrating PostgreSQL from one server to another.  At one point they were missing, but I know they have been filling out the docs in regards to PostgreSQL.  The other major item to not miss is migrating the "Internal CA" if using one.   Again, an SR would be best and please do not think I have made any attempt to cover all of the details.....