Error to update 17.3 from 17

I get the following error when trying to run the update to 2017 3a on the appliance zenworks server

[DEBUG] [09/19/2018 13:38:13.450] [16003] [ZENUpdater] [] [root] [SystemUpdate] [] [DEBUG] [Starting process: /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenworks-configure Options: (-c, CreateOrUpdateOpaqueDataConfigureAction)] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [09/19/2018 13:38:13.450] [16003] [ZENUpdater] [] [root] [SystemUpdate] [] [DEBUG] [Arguments passed to ZeusCommandTriggerer : (update-device-status, 5017030000fc50000000002018081516, 253669d0f373fed0e2f73deb575185cd, INSTALLING, INSTALLING_PERCENTAGE, 87)] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [09/19/2018 13:38:13.657] [16003] [ZENUpdater] [] [root] [SystemUpdate] [] [DEBUG] [Exit code for updating device update status to server :0] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [09/19/2018 13:39:21.21] [16003] [ZENUpdater] [] [root] [SystemUpdate] [] [DEBUG] [The exit code of the process is 255] [] [] [ZENworks]
[DEBUG] [09/19/2018 13:39:21.23] [16003] [ZENUpdater] [] [root] [SystemUpdate] [] [DEBUG] [Exception starting process:java.lang.Exception: The exit code of the process did not match with success codes.
at com.novell.zenworks.systemupdate.commandrunners.ProcessControlCommandRunner.startProcess(
at com.novell.zenworks.systemupdate.commandrunners.ProcessControlCommandRunner.runCommand(
at com.novell.zenworks.systemupdate.zenupdater.UpdateRunner.runUpdate(
at com.novell.zenworks.systemupdate.zenupdater.ZENUpdater.main(
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at com.novell.zenworks.systemupdate.zenupdater.BootStrapper.main(
] [] [] [ZENworks]
[ERROR] [09/19/2018 13:39:21.23] [16003] [ZENUpdater] [] [root] [SystemUpdate] [ERROR_STARTING_PROCESS] [ERROR] [/opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenworks-configure,The exit code of the process did not match with success codes.] [] []


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  • CRAIGDWILSON;2487841 wrote:
    I would recommend an SR if possible....
    Clearly it was trying to do some DB Update.....

    I could not find any hits on this error with Oracle.
    I found a few Postgre specific ones....but even those are flagged as resolved.

    I create a support case i they said that the problem is because i not have enough memory
    I will increase memory i will try again update
  • If you server if virtualized, make sure to Dedicate the Memory....
    Failure to dedicate the memory can result in memory errors.

    The reason for this is that the Primary Servers make heavy use of Java Processes.
    Java requires the memory to be available upon process start...not simply when it goes to be used....
    Thus the VMware Java Best Practice Guide has a special section covering Java and Memory dedication....