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Active Directory Computer Accounts and Groups

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Waiting for Votes
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over 4 years ago
It would be very nice if Bundles and Policies could be targeted directly to Active Directory Computer Accounts and Active Directory Groups containing Computer Accounts instead of needing to re-create the groups and their membership we already use in Active Directory as Device Groups in ZCM.

As Active Directory Users and User Groups can already be used for targeting, one could imagine that this should be technically possible.



  • @DEnis J. You have the script somewhere ?
  • We had this request from a customer for bundles, we wrote a application for that, but that should be part of the ZENworks product
  • You likely could implement this already without any additional functionality in ZCM. The basic recipe for a script to be run the ZCM server itself: - use an LDAP bind to connect to one of your AD DCs and read an AD group's properties and memberships - use zman[1] workstation-group-create, workstation-group-members, workstation-group-add and workstation-group-remove to synchronize the member lists of the AD computer group and the ZCM workstation group Running such a script periodically would pretty much give you the functionality of a "dynamic group" with AD-related filter attributes. [1]