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Azure AD User Source

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
So now with Windows 10 you can domain join a device to pure Azure AD be good to be able to link ZENworks to this as a User Source as we are looking at going to Azure AD only with no local domain. So this is both fro ZCC admins and users login to workstations. Would also help with remote control as if you allow users to register there computers in Azure AD default is Desktop-XXXXX thus can be hard to find the device so easier to find the user.
  • You could accomplish this today in Azure AD by implementing "Azure AD Domain Services" and then pointing ZCM at it's LDAP interface for user source. It may require a user password reset cycle to store user passwords in AADDS, but otherwise would work. As much as my team loved ZCM, our O365 subscription included InTune for free, so we've moved PC management to it. ZCM just didn't move fast enough for us.
  • Any news on this? The need for it is pretty urgent now.
  • yes and supporting user source in the format "" for logging for zenworks.
  • The lack of this functionality is already exposing ZENWorks to be a bottleneck of future plans within our educational establishment, particularly when platforms and services like Intune and Autopilot, leveraging Azure Active Directory is our direction of travel.
  • The Azure AD user source idea is not just a good idea, it's a necessary survival step for the Micro Focus suite of products. Office 2019 is wildly expensive for us as an institution (by design), so we're being forced to integrate with Azure AD and use Office 365. This opens up other possibilities (free or at greatly reduced cost) and other products that integrate with Azure AD, and squeezes out related Micro Focus products. Without direct Azure AD support, or at least indirect support (through DSfW for example), organizations will be herded towards and locked into a Microsoft back end within the next two years. This is especially true in the education market, and Micro Focus has a very limited window to become agile and start thinking long-term on this subject.