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Be able to change what columns are shown in the Devices list.

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Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
I have to remote many devices to do maintenance/fixes. I usually like to do them when the devices are not logged in as much as possible. I always have to select the device to see if a user is logged into it. It would be very helpful if that part could be shown in a column on the list of devices. Even better, maybe make it possible to right click the bar above and be able to add/remove column as desired. For example, be able to remove the "retired" column (as we never retire devices) and add "logged in user" column or maybe a green bubble indicating someone is logged into that machine.


ZENworks Control Center
  • For us the "Location" is very important. So quite generally formulated: There should be at least one user configurable column in the devices list in ZCC. For example a drop down list to select one item out of: Test Device Last Full Refresh Last Contact ZENworks Agent Status Primary User Owner Serial Number Department Site Location ...
  • Being able to see a "logged in user" or the "primary user" (which shows in the device parameters) would also greatly help.
  • Being able to change the columns would be great. Much like how you don't use "Retired", we don't have a need for "Operating System" and "Type" as all our devices are Workstations and Windows 7. Having more useful information such as current IP, logged in user and if the device is on or not would be great.