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Bundle Dashboard - installation overview

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In the Bundle Dashboard there are five widgets for different status tracking.

These are: Assignment (device and user), Distribution, Install and Launch

Im missing the overall installation status to find out which devices are assigned but not installed.

the problem is that the "Bundle Install Status" widget is allready filtered and shows only the devices that launched the install action.

there are two possible solutions:

1) show all assigned devices in the install status widget - and work with filter installed / not installed

2) new widget "installation overview" that include all assigned devices and show the installation infos like in tje install status widget


Application Management
ZENworks Control Center
  • #1 is already possible. Go to Filters and under filters, change the Install Filter from Published Latest Version to ALL.  Then the chart will show both installed and not installed (UNKNONW=Not Installed).

    Tip: If you can save this Dashlet for Re-use with your own Dashlet Name.

    That being said, there is one tweak I would like in that filter....

    I would like an option that returns the results for Both "Published Older Version" and "Unknown"....AKA "Latest Version Not Installed".

    Currently, it takes 2 different reports.  One to get "Not Installed" and One to get "Older Version".  The current options should not be altered, because I truly may only want to know about older installed versions or may only care about not installed.  But I may also want a specific view for a combined "not current".

    Of course, I could edit the "All" report after export...

  • that worked craig - but I have to do this for evrey bundle...
    is there a way to puplish it for all like the build in dashboards?

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