Idea ID: 2785722

Display bundle name instead of GUID in the error section

Status : Accepted
over 5 years ago
It would be helpful to not have to manually find the name of a bundle by the GUID. When researching errors it gets a little time consuming.


ZENworks Control Center
  • Agree with above suggestion as that would help identifying the content/bundle which is not getting replicated. With GUID its difficult to troubleshoot all the failures and takes away lot of important time.
  • I think *anytime* you are reporting IDs that have human-readable names attached, like bundles, the human-readable name should *always* be included. Honestly, of what use is a series of generated letters and numbers to the end-user admin that deals with actually-named objects?
  • Agree with Sebastian V. Failed to replicate content32-digit number is not at all ZERO EFFORT.
  • Another Example: Full Message: Failed to replicate content 93b9b70a995829f6c83d704189a8232d Additional Information: None Severity: Error Date: October 24, 2017 2:54:30 PM Acknowledged Date: None Source: /Devices/Servers/My-zcm-s1 Message ID: CDP.CdpContentFileError Probable Cause URL: None Log ID: e9c6209742e7988750d9d6c3f288e1f8 Related Objects: None
  • @ Gene M, thanks for details. It seems that bundle name is present for some bundles and not present for some. We'll be investigating this.