Idea ID: 2782203

Install executable action

Status : Delivered
over 6 years ago
As an administrator I want an action that is an "Install executable" action that allows me to specify the current executable launching options and the ability to upload the executable and optionally all files in the same directory (similar to Install MSI) and then I expect that the executable is run directly from cache.

Happy Path Scenario:
1) I create a bundle
2) I add an Install executable action and browse to an executable.
3) I can optionally choose to upload all of the content in the same directory as the executable
4) I specify the normal launch executable parameters
5) When the bundle is transacted the content is downloaded and then the executable is executed
6) The bundle cache is cleaned up as normal to remove the install files as necessary


Application Management
  • Install executable action has been implemented as part of ZENworks 2020. It is available as a separate action with-in Actions sets.
  • Has there been any decision made on whether the "Install Executable" option will be implemented in ZENworks?
  • One more thing. It should be possible to use any file in the content cache of agiven bundle in any possible way ZCM supports, thish shouldn't be limited to run executable action. The way to make this work of course would be to introduce some sort of variable or special syntax to target a file inside the content of the current bundle. For instance, I want to upload the Groupwise Client directory *once*, including the mst file for groupiwse.msi, and I want to be able to: 1. Call any .msi that comes bundled in the GW directory, like .g wse3.msi. 2. Start any executable in an install action without having to seperatly download it again to the workstation, like the various VC runtime exes that come bundled. 3. Specify the already included mst that is in the uplodaed directory, instead of having to upload it again seperately. And so on...
  • This would be awesome. This would simplify actions for a number of my bundles. Instead of the install directory then launch executable, this install executable would be easier to manage.
  • Yes, Rene. This is exactly the same but the idea is to make this more automatic & efficient ;-)