Idea ID: 2782842

Launch executable (or other file) from Bundle directly

Status : Delivered
over 6 years ago
If we want to launch a file or executable for example a ZAV package, Zenworks has to copy the file to the local drive and then launch the file. It takes more time and harddisk space. Because it is not possible to start the file directly, we had to distribute a new share with (drive letter) for our VDI environment. We have to manage that share with rights and up to date file versions etc. Also the bundles for ENGL imaging can be more efficient.

Idea: Possibility to launch a file or executable directly with a bundle action from the (downloaded) content-repo. Just like it is possible to start an installation with a msi file form the content-repo.

- More efficient bundles
- No more extra file share to manage.
- Use one ecosystem (ZCM Control panel) with the benefits of (off site) satellite servers.
- Use less hard disk space