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Major and minor bundle versions

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Waiting for Votes
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over 6 years ago
I'd like to see MAJOR.MINOR bundle versions.

Say you had developed a bundle and rolled it out to a bunch of machines, but then discovered that you needed to tweak the bundles install actions to improve it for ongoing installations but DON'T WANT IT TO REINSTALL on all the machines it has already been installed on - you make this a MINOR version change.

But if you DID want it to reinstall on previously installed machines, then you make it a MAJOR version change.
  • This would be very great.

    I got often the following case.

    There is a finished and deployed bundle.
    And now I want to modify some minor things in it. 
    But I don't want a new deployment on all assigned devices.
    The changes should only has impact of new assigned devices.

    In the earlier version of zen you could by you self say whether bundle version will increase or not. That was better.


  • I had that Problem: rolled out MS Office and after Installation on 200 out of 2000 machines I noticed that I need to add an addtional success code (for reboot required) and correct a typing error in a message box. The thing is that in addition to the official Version number of a bundle we have aeveral internal hidden version Counters (visible after exporting a bundle to a XML files). Most do not harm but the one on the Install tab is the pane. These internal Version Counters should be displayed and modifyable - at least for the install tab.
  • Update 3 - still not possible. please vote.
  • Or even just a 'publish as same version' like we used to have with ZDM, where you chose when you wanted the version updated. This is extremely annoying if you just want to rename or change some system requirements and you don't want the existing workstations running the actions again. This would be REALLY useful.